Mussoorie in the monsoon

This place is home. Its been home for years, but over the past ten I've hardly been here for more than a couple weeks at a time. A couple Christmases, the odd weekend or four-day trip from Bangalore, one 36-hour visit and another 48-hour visit earlier this year from Bombay. Thus, after a busy few months (the World Cup and IPL, mainly) I decided to take off six weeks or so and come up to Mussoorie, to Oakville, and do some writing and running and bicycling. It was long overdue.

The writing is going along well, the running not so well, due largely to the rain, and the bicycling ... well, that's not happening. But I do get in a good five to six kilometers of walking a day, and twice did more than that with walks into the bazaar and back, up Mullingar and on to Char Dukan, then back around the chakkar and to Oakville. Here are a few pictures from early morning walks and late afternoon/evening strolls.

Morning mist up along the chakkar

Its something else to be able to walk alone through the oaks and pines and deodars and horse chestnuts and maple trees, not disturbed by the honking of cars - though the Cantonment has a lot more tourists than before, largely due to the presence of Rokeby Manor - or crowds.

View of the valley from near Lal Tibba     

Along the way I meet familiar faces now and then, and there are exchanged salaams and questions and answers about relatives and careers, sometimes a few back-slaps and jokes and memories from youth. Its a nice feeling to be able to able to return home and see friends with whom you played cricket with and watched movies with, and though its not the same - most of them have jobs and families, naturally - there is a certain pleasure from seeing these faces and catching up, briefly even.

The deodar along the chakkar's ridge 

Nice way to spend an hour a day, I reckon.


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