Off to cover The Circus today. Bangalore-Delhi, Delhi-Mohali, Mohali-Delhi, Delhi-Mohali,Delhi-Bangalore. Cringe at the thought of how many DLF Maximum sixes and Citi Moments of Success we're all going to be inundated with for the next six weeks. Imagine the folks in Dharamshala. Lovely little ground, sleepy little town, quaint scenery, and against the backdrop of that awesome mountain range you'll have Samir Khochar, Angad Bedi and Ayushmann flashing their enamel while Ravi Shastri bursts a few hundred more blood vessels asking - nay, demanding - downtown Dharamshala whether they're ready for the toss. Those poor monks. It's enough to force even the most tranquil ascetic pick up his robes and make for the plains. Ah, the bedlam in Goliath. More updates from the road.


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