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This Bangalore winter is definitely underrated. It's the end of January and there are no more blankets, the fan is on full, the walk to work has become a pain. Each winter I've been here over the past three years has decreased in pleasantry. What gives?
you're not a man till you sing Barbie Girl duet at karaoke ...
Another entry in the Random Films I Liked section: Sam Mendes' Away We Go . I've liked Mendes' work, especially the brilliant and under-rated Road To Perdition , and watched this movie a couple days after seeing Mendis' claustrophobic and overly grim Revolutionary Road . It was like nothing Mendis has directed and was just the right movie for an afternoon's entertainment. Do not go into this movie expecting a Mendes masterpiece, because it is not. Nobody dies and nobody is out there to wow you with their acting chops. This is one Mendes film which is not going to attract votes at award ceremonies, and in a refreshing way that makes Away We Go easy to watch. Simple premise: thirty-something American couple, a white male and mixed-race pregnant woman, set out to find their uniquely own place to raise their first child. Could be a recipe for disaster, but it's not because of Mendes' handling of the subject and the acting of the leads. Is it predictable? Yes.
"Ordinarily", India would have had Bangladesh eight down at stumps. But "extraordinarily", its India in that position. Sehwag, cat got your tongue?
Three young boys, not more than 11 or 12, started walking with me as I approached MG Road on a lazy Sunday afternoon. "Hallo man, you which country?" "Heard of USA?" "Ya, ya, USA!" "Heard of England?" "England, yes! London!" "Yes, I am from in between these two countries. It's called Chinchpokli." Puzzled faces. Furrowed brows. Exchanged looks. We keep walking. "Chinchpokli? Where is Chinchpokli?" "In the middle of USA and England." It doesn't register. "Where you going?" "To office." "Office. On Sunday?" "Yes, my life is sad." "You know Garuda Mall?" "Yes. My office is near there." "OK, we going Garuda Mall." "OK." "You know Brazil?" "Yes." "Brazil. Ronaldo. Ronaldinho." "Yes, and Chucky Cheese." "What?" "Nothing."
There is a reason I didn't want to take hummus and baked goods with me to Bangalore, and the main reason was security at the Bombay airport. I pick up my backpack and reach for the bag of goodies, when the lady sitting there stops me. She asks me if this is mine, and I say yes. She signals to the fatso behind the screening machine. He doesn't even acknowledge me and tells her in Hindi to ask me to open the bag. I look down at the bag and see the bottom has fallen through. I tell the lady that she's welcome to look through the bag through both ends. She has no sense of humor. I take out the contents - hummus, banana bread, and two kinds of other breads for the hummus - and lay them out for all to see. The woman draws a blank. Then she turns to fatso and says have a look. He raises his eyebrows at another standing cop and indicates to take over the situation. I bet this is a serious Code Orange. So this twit walks over and asks the woman what the problem is. She says the
No place in this country like Bombay. Loving being back for this brief visit. Random conversation at Prescious near where Warden Road meets Kemps Corner, where I've been getting my hair cut since I was a kid. Rang de Basanti on cable, proprietor and his friend are watching on a jobless afternoon. That said, I have never seen the boss do anything else apart from sit there, talk, and read film magazines. Proprietor (P): "Is film mein lambe baal bahut chala." Friend (F): "Sahi bola." P: "Pan North mein aisa bal chalta hai na, mast." F: "Barobar." P: "Arre Aamir Khan jo bhi style dalenga, who fashion ho jaata hai, bhai." F: "Haan re, sahi mein." P: "Yeh bhi achcha actor hai ... Atul Kulkarni". F: "Bahut achcha hai. Yeh bhi sahi hai .. kaun hai woh South ka hero?" P: "Siddharth, Siddharth ..." F: " Haan, Siddharth. Achcha role mila usko. Aur yeh bhi achcha hai, Joshi ..." P
A very good piece on the decade we are heading into, in terms of where cricket stands ...
And so another year has passed, and a new decade is upon us.  No resolutions. First accomplishment of the year was getting the Ishqiya soundtrack, and it was a nice way to start of 2010. Good stuff on the whole, as expected from Vishal Bhardwaj, but I got you there with Dil Toh Bachcha Hai , sir. Direct lift from Memory . Ibn Battuta could be the new Dhan Te Nan .