"Ten rupees extra, sir?"

So I've decided to start a Bangalore Auto Driver Hall of Fame section. I've had so many incidents with this breed - some hilarious, some quirky, some irritating and some horrible. It's the quirky I'd like to remember.

Just to refresh the memory in case you missed previous posts. There was Syed Azam, who shared his views on how "ladies log" coming to Indian metros from smaller towns "bahut sexy-sexy dikhne pe dhyan deti hai" and wanted to know if I found Rani Mukherjee of John Abraham hotter; there was the guy who was hellbent on getting me to learn Kannada and offered to stop and show me the best Kannada-to-English tutorial books; there was the guy who knew of more of "my type"; there was the guy who spoke in crisp English whose son was in Texas; there was the former insurance agency clerk who had lost his job due to injury and who was rehabilitated and aiming to get a job with Bharti AXA; there was the chap with whom I discussed George Bush's nuclear policy, Barack Obama's relationship with South Asia, and the high divorce rate in the US; there was Mohammad Rafiq, who played Himesh Reshammiya tunes and gave me his mobile number to call anytime I needed a ride; and then there was the guy who played a cassette of English pop and dance numbers to make me feel more "at home". Legends all.

Well, the first official entrant into the Hall of Fame is Mahadeva, in whose auto was written, in large capital letters: "Closed the door to your past, live in present & enjoy every moments. Now smile plese, I am member of Alcoholics Anonymous group."

True story.


Anonymous said…
hilarious .. i think you are really funny

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