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Just shoot it

Just shot for my second short film, after Shadows in the Andamans back in January. This was a little different, being a zero-budget student film shot on a campus here in Bangalore, but interesting nevertheless. It took two all-night shifts and a third, six-hour night. Lots of mosquitoes, time spent waiting for lights to be adjusted and other glitches, but I’m glad I did it. Its just a short student project, not more than seven or eight minutes and revolves around three characters in a cafe shack in Goa. A young girl, waiting for her boyfriend to join her, shares a table with an older hippie-type, who's been in Goa for a few years and has certain issues in life. The director, Bharti, has a good head on her shoulders and I wish her all the best. The others too were dedicated and its encouraging to see the passion that kids in their early twenties have for cinema in India. They’re trying to be different, thinking out of the box. And here’s a small write-up on me and others that

MLB round-up

Tim Wakefield and Doug Mirabelli made a great combo once again, and the Red Sox enjoyed a six-run eighth inning in a 10-1 win over the Angels at Fenway. Barry Bonds continued his march towards Hank Aaron with the 736th and 737th homers of his career as San Francisco beat the Pirates 8-5. The dinosaur Julio Franco pinch-hit a single to carry the Mets past the Nationals. Toronto's Roy Halladay pitched a beauty to do one over the Detroit Tigers. The Yankees are third in the AL East. And oh, the Arizona Diamondbacks lead the NL West 7-3. Wow.

A foray into something new...

Rugby Dirt, the other website I write for, is now live. Under 'Featured Articles' all the international, non-US collegiate news articles are mine. Enjoy! Click here to go the site.
अरे वह! क्या बात है, बॉस। तीख है, शायद मैंने यह हाई-फुन्दा टेक्नोलॉजी के बारे में काफी देर में सुनह, लेकिन मज़ा टोह आ गया। अगर तुम यह नहीं पद सकते होह, टोह माफ कीजीये । प्रणाम।

UP, UP and away

The fate of 881 candidates in Uttar Pradesh rests in the hands of 1.60 crore voters, including 75 lakh women. The second phase of elections is on. Security has been tight in the 58 constituencies spread over ten districts of western UP. There's a reported 8, 479 polling centres being used, plus central observers, micro-observers, and some 65,000 personnel of paramilitary force deploted. Much fun will be had.

Flop acts

The Super Eights are getting pretty interesting. New Zealand lead the points table, Australia are surefire semi-finalists, and Sri Lanka - hit hard by the injury to Lasith Malinga - will also sail through. Its at the bottom that it gets interesting. South Africa have two wins, and England and Bangladesh each have one. The West Indies are virtually out of the tournament, having failed to win a game in the second phase. While we've seen some success stories, there have also been some big flops in this World Cup. 1. Justin Kemp - Looks a decimal point of the hard-hitting batsman he is. His bowling is useless, so he plays as a specialist batsman in the lower middle order. Still cant buy a run. Looks so out of play when he comes in and early, and if he's there to have a swing, he's a waste in the XI. South Africa have the likes of Shaun Pollock, Mark Boucher and Andrew Hall to do that. 2. Habibul Bashar - Six games, five innings, 57 runs, a best of 24, and an average of 11.40.

Bond. Shane Bond.

A good piece on my man Shane Bond .

Tracking the UP polls

This year's Uttar Pradesh polls look poised to be interesting, even though my affinity for the state has lessened with each trip through it on the way to Mussoorie. I'm glad Mussoorie is a part of Uttarakhand. Not that there's a helluva difference between the two states, but all this ruckus about minorities, an overwhelming population and new legislature doesnt seem to have gotten all the way up there yet. I noticed that the UP government has moved a special appeal against the Allahabad High Court ruling that Muslims could not be considered minorities in the state. The message coming out is clearly, "Muslims are not entitled to be recognised as a religious minority." Thats all well and done, but UP has a history of making statements and then failing to follow through. And then we have the Congress Party's young [half-white] Indian hope, Rahul Gandhi, heir of India's greatest political dynasty. Yes, he's drawing crowds ahead of the elections, but doe

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar

Flipping channels once again - is that my calling? - I caught the last ten minutes of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar . That cycle race still kicks me. When Sanjay wins the race, there's just so much going on in that scene. As he crosses the finish line, his arms go up in triumph, the stadium erupts, Deepak curses himself, and Sanjay loses control of his bike and falls to the ground. His father and girlfriend look to get up and help, for a split second, but then realize its not their place at the moment. Its Sanjay's. As he lies there on his back, hurting, bleeding, a smile breaks out on Sanjay's face - something he hasn't done for most of the movie's second half - as he hears the din, and sees the appreciation all around. He sees, in is father's teary eyes, pride. The man who's looked at him like a lost cause now spreads his old chest and salutes his son. In his brother's eyes, he sees accomplishment. His brother helped coach him, and believed in him. His brot

Time for change

Greg Chappell has resigned. Wow. For Sachin Tendulkar to speak out was unthinkable. He's never uttered a word his entire career. Chappell spoke/leaked information to the media many times. Sachin spoke out once in his career and Chappell is out. Amazing. But Indian cricket is in for a torrid time. I hope the selectors have the guts to relieve Rahul Dravid of the captaincy, get Sourav Ganguly, Sachin, Virender Sehwag and Harbhajan Singh out of the one-day side, and bring back Mohammad Kaif. India's fielding/fitness is abysmal. There is no way they can compete in the field with Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Their bowling is shoddy, perhaps above just West Indies and Bangladesh, from the Test sides, though even a bowler like Darren Powell took 2 for 35/40 every match of this World Cup. Fitness must be assessed. It is the way of the future. Now is the time; wipe the slate clean. Get rid of any unfit, uninspiring, potentially disruptive elements (most of the nam