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In a week that's resembled the midpoint of the French Revolution, it's easy to feel depressed if you're a true cricket fan. Two Twitter-obsessed men with power at loggerheads, the BCCI at war with its own, wherever you look it's madness, not to mention an overload of DLF Maximums and Citi Moments of Success. It's frustrating and it's sickening. There's a storm swarming around the IPL, and it's making international headlines. When did cricket come to this? What happened to the days when it was a contest between bat and ball, and the only men whose opinions mattered were the captains? Why do 'sweat' equities and the nitty gritty about a consortium grab more headlines than a Test match? It's at times like these that the fan inside me looks back to better days, to times when I was drawn to the game for real reasons. When I first picked up a bat and looked up at the bowler running in with a tennis ball. When I first cracked a proper shot. When
Flipping between Andaz Apna Apna and Ghayal on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Imagine, the same guy made those two films. Did Santoshi get his due? Forget Family: Ties of Blood and Halla Bol and Lajja , those were aberrations. He knew what the masses want, similar to how the late Mukul Anand did before he died. I just hope the rumors about an AAA remake with Ranbir and Imran aren't true.