Random Films I Liked: Its time Toby Maguire burns that damned Spiderman suit. His role in Jim Sheridan's Brothers - the first war movie I enjoyed in a while, mostly because it showed the aftereffects of war - is by far his best role. Well supported by the dependable Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhal, Maguire gives Brothers its soul and by that I mean he pumps everything he's got into it without hardly uttering a word for the second half of the film. His traumatized veteran, haunted eyes and hollow cheeks et al, chillingly captures the horror he's been through. How his inner demons simmer to the top - now that is a superb scene at the dinner table - and then lurch out - I'm not telling - makes for compelling viewing.

The film, directed by the man who gave us gems like My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father, The Boxer and In America, is a remake of a Danish film. It has a good script, great acting - you can't really go wrong with Sam Shepard, and the kid who plays the elder sister is very good - and hits the right level of emotion. Gyllenhal, no stranger to war movies, gets to do all the battling away from the killing fields, as he gets out of another stint in jail and returns to a home where his father does not conceal his disdain for him. But mostly see it for Maguire, who shows you how you don't need words to express pain.


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