Three young boys, not more than 11 or 12, started walking with me as I approached MG Road on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

"Hallo man, you which country?"

"Heard of USA?"

"Ya, ya, USA!"

"Heard of England?"

"England, yes! London!"

"Yes, I am from in between these two countries. It's called Chinchpokli."

Puzzled faces. Furrowed brows. Exchanged looks. We keep walking.

"Chinchpokli? Where is Chinchpokli?"

"In the middle of USA and England."

It doesn't register.

"Where you going?"

"To office."

"Office. On Sunday?"

"Yes, my life is sad."

"You know Garuda Mall?"

"Yes. My office is near there."

"OK, we going Garuda Mall."


"You know Brazil?"


"Brazil. Ronaldo. Ronaldinho."

"Yes, and Chucky Cheese."



"What language you speak?"


"You speak only English?"

"Little French."

Guffaws all around. "Say something in French man!"

"Quel âge ont-ils?"

Seriously loud guffawing.

"You know Tamil?"


Mad laughing. "Good, good! You speak Kannada?"

"No. Hindi."

More chuckling. "You know Rajnikant?"

"Yes, we went to school together."

Shocked expressions. Then more laughter.

"OK bye, friend. Nice to meeting you."

Handshakes all around and off they went.

Just another day in my life walking around Bangalore.


destinednomad said…
:) nice walk... me likes!

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