Email from HR department to all staff yesterday: "You are all invited to a special lunch from Adigas tomorrow at 1 pm to celebrate the merry spirit of Christmas."

For the uninitiated, Adigas is a chain of oily, canteen-style, cardiac arrest-inducing purely vegetarian chain of restaurants popular in Bangalore, reasons for which some very portly South Indian deity suffering from high cholesterol would only know. It is so bad that some of my south Indian colleagues crib about it. A couple even staunchly claim they have had better dosas and vadas IN NORTH INDIA. Heavens to Betsy.

Seriously, if you picked up one of those saada dosas and wrung it out,you would get a bucket full of oil more than enough to jump-start a Tata Nano.

Really Christmasy, if you know what I mean. So yeah, sufficed to say I skipped that totally festive Christmas lunch and ordered Chinese.


Narayan said…
Hello Jamie, your article about the oily dosas are hilarious. Even I too had an experience of those oily dosas. Though I am a Bangalorean and enjoy those dosas, I call out to the chef and request him to add less oil. This is the only way I could avoid oily stuff! :D
Jamie Alter said…
hah, that's good to hear, yes they can seriously do some damage to your arteries.

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