'Kevin, I'm going to feed you to my tarantula'

Remember Buzz from Home Alone? McCaulay Kulkin's older brother; freckles; spiky haircut; total jackass; "I wouldn't let you sleep in my room if you were growing on my ASS!"?

Of course you do. I'd not seen him in a movie since but squinted my eyes while watching a crapfest called Surrogates today. It was Buzz, about 200 pounds heavier and looking like the offspring of say ... if Michael Moore and Roseanna Barr had a kid. He looks way different now but still is recognizable. I think it was an expression he made in one of his initial scenes, which for a flash resembled a look he'd give his younger brother Kevin in the classic movie he's most famous for.

Anyways, it just reminded me of a time long gone by. It happens now and then. I'll see a movie from the past and immediately I'll associate it with a precise time and place. Mohra on Sony in 2009 = a rainy Saturday afternoon in Mussoorie circa 1994, after which Vinod and I did our best Akshay Kumar and Sunil Shetty impersonations, round-house kicks and perfectly synchronized 'dshhht' and 'duussht' - yes, there is a difference - sound effects and all. Dead Poets Society on DVD = buying a bucket of popcorn in Harrisburg, PA as an eight-year old. An episode of Full House = massive crush on Jodie Sweeten back in fifth grade and an even more massive heartache when she kissed some douche on a New Year's Eve special in 1991, watched by yours truly in Harrisonburg, VA. Memories. What can you do?

OK so there's not a lot to these posts. It takes some time to get back in the groove of things.


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