Taare Zameen Par

A brief sidestep from cricket.

Watched Taare Zameen Par last week. Everyone had raved about it, which can often influence how you go into a movie. I expected a good film, and wasn't disappointed. Aamir the director trumped Aamir the actor by some distance. He's clearly been handed a fine script - credit goes to Amol Gupte here - and he handles it so magically. Its not without stereotype - the staff at the boarding school are dripping in cliches and the father breaks into hives at the drop of a hat - but Aamir's shepherding of young Darsheel Safary and the camera is superb. He shows he can narrate a story very, very well and does so without any glam, thankfully. Its a touching movie, expertly handled and I hope it does plenty to make people aware of children with dyslexia.

Safary is wonderful. TZP is about him, not Aamir, thankfully, and this kid does full justice to the role. Hindi movies have never had good child actors - the girl in Black was exceptional - but Safary has set the benchmark brilliantly. A real find.

Before the movie, I was crossing the road to the theater and two young girls, probably six and ten, stuck in the mayhem of a jam-packed Cunningham Road, asked me to help them across the street. There's no connection to the movie, but it set the tone for it.

After the movie, I went to Crossroads to a book reading by former students of the Rishi Valley School. It was a collection of poems and the students, now in their early and mid-20s, spoke so fondly of the visiting teacher who had inspired them to put pen their thoughts and think outside the box. and the evening, including a thoughful discussion afterwards, fit with my day.


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