Perth musings

A 50/50 day of cricket in Perth and India have three stupid shots that may have cost them the game ... Ganguly, Dravid and Laxman .... all needless and the score could have been 315 for three or four instead .. what were Laxman and Dravid thinking? Sachin wasn't out, but thats the game, and Dravid was dropped on 11 too, so ...

Pathan and Dhoni can get the total up near 400, if not a little more, and there's Kumble too.

This Shaun Tait was thoroughly disappointing. All the hype for his inclusion in Perth, and then he bowls very average. The pitch wasn't the hellish track it was tipped to be. Interesting to see how India bowl. Zaheer and Sreesanth would've been a major lift.

Yuvraj has gone and injured his troublesome left knee playing football during practice. Do you need to play football, volleyball and kabbadi to stay a fit cricketer?


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