Just shoot it

Just shot for my second short film, after Shadows in the Andamans back in January. This was a little different, being a zero-budget student film shot on a campus here in Bangalore, but interesting nevertheless. It took two all-night shifts and a third, six-hour night. Lots of mosquitoes, time spent waiting for lights to be adjusted and other glitches, but I’m glad I did it.

Its just a short student project, not more than seven or eight minutes and revolves around three characters in a cafe shack in Goa. A young girl, waiting for her boyfriend to join her, shares a table with an older hippie-type, who's been in Goa for a few years and has certain issues in life.

The director, Bharti, has a good head on her shoulders and I wish her all the best. The others too were dedicated and its encouraging to see the passion that kids in their early twenties have for cinema in India. They’re trying to be different, thinking out of the box.

And here’s a small write-up on me and others that sort of fall in the same category, published in the Hindustan Times on Sunday, April 29th. They got the age wrong, its 26, but whatever.


Preya said…
Jamie! That's so awesome. It's a hard thing for people to understand. I feel the same way about Vietnam, but, unlike you, I don't speak the language fluently (yet) and grew up much less a part of Vietnamese society; still, it's home, but I'll always be considered a foreigner. Interestingly, even though I look Indian, I stick out like a sore thumb in India too and feel rather uncomfortable walking around anywhere.
truthseeker said…
jamie...you writing is like a fresh breath of air.You are more indian than a lot of upper middle class indians you aspire to be white middle class americans ...or indians like kiran desai who sell the post colonial stereotypes to win booker awards.
loved the article on JJWH..its my favourite movie too .
Cheers to cricket and bollywood

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