Much more than jazz by the bay...

Enjoyed a good evening of classic rock yesterday. My friend Anil and I headed down to Not Just Jazz By The Bay to check out this cover band 'One Night Stand', who are all old MTV buddies of Anil's. They rocked. It was a dry day - another stupid reason or something from the Maharashtra govt - but we were hooked up with rum n cokes now and then thanks to the band. We didnt really need the drinks, because these guys were awesome. They belted out classic rock numbers from Cream, Deep Purple, The Who, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Guns n Roses, and more.

As Nina Manuel and her After Hours entourage prowled the backstands and a quite 'happy' Cyrus Broacha made a vocal guest appearance to cheer his rock buddies on, the band kept all of us jamming with classic song after song.

Just before the close, Sarosh, the lead guitarist, played the sweetest version of 'Where the Streets Have No Name' that I've heard since U2 live at the Boston Garden. It was intense. The band's encore number was an 'Sweet Child of Mine' and it capped a great evening.

There is hope for good classic rock in Bombay.

That said, it was the band's last gig, as the drummer, Rahul, heads to Singapore.


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