City rain, city streets

The monsoon season has begun in Bombay. It has been seven summers since I last experienced it, and I don't know if I really missed it at all. While it's refreshing to have a shower take the humidity away, the tension of wading through the muck and travelling on the local train in a downpour is far from comforting. It's not all Monsoon Wedding, as Mira Nair would have you believe.

The monsoon hits Bombay in the month of June; tumultuous showers, sporadic though they may be,last till the end of August and make the climate pleasantly bearable. Last summer, on July 26, the city witnessed the worst case of rain and floods. Floodwaters poured into houses in Bombay’s northern suburbs, streets and houses were wrecked, buildings collapsed, and doubledecker buses were submerged. Tens of thousands of people were stranded for hours on roads in Bombay, and its airport, one of the busiest in the country, was shut on Terrible Tuesday. After six days or monsoon carnage the death total hit 1,000 and Bombay was paralyzed.

While we can only pray that the city is not ravaged in the same manner this season, for now it is best to take it all in and make sure to have an umbrella at all times.


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