Dallas on the road to glory

The Mavs lead 2-0 in the finals. Suh-weet. My man Dirk came back strong in Game 2 and smothered those damn Miami kids. Shaq, sorry - you ain't getting another title anytime soon. Wade, buddy, move to another city.

Anyway, kudos to Avery Johnson, who gave this team what Don Nelson couldn't in his ripe old age. "We're not playing perfect basketball..if you don't play perfect basketball and still can win another game like this - they score 80 and 85 points - we'll take it," Johnson said after Game 2. Dude, you guys can hold of Miami. Stick to the basics, back yourselves, and the title is yours. Go Mavs!

And as for the dear Red Sox over in Bean Town, they went down 6-13 to Texas in the second game of a double-header. COME ON! Wake up and play ball! Dont' give the lead to the Yanks - who lost 3-0 to Oakland - again....aye!

Thats it for my US sports brief....back to India v West Indies, day three in St Lucia...Kumble!



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