Adios, Boston

And so my time in Boston comes to an end. A good time was had with friends new and old, as well as the crazy cousins, Jay and Shibs, and being back in the city was great.

Got to watch tons of baseball and basketball - but not enough - and the food, as expected, was awesome. A big thanks to everyone who chilled. A special holla to my man Sid, who was up for anything at any time, and who put up with three Alters. Whiffle ball, the batting cage, the cricket, it was good. 10 cent wings and pitchers of Molson, and of course those cheap Brubakers, at Our House - sweet. The Imrie three, thanks.

Covering the India-West Indies one-day series was fun, even though India lost badly. Put that aside, and the time was better. Didn't get to see everyone I would have liked to, but hey, whatever.

I'll take back to India some good memories of this trip, and rekindled love for certain things here.

Can't wait to come back in a year.


Sid said…
We're all very happy you're gone. Back to sleeping all day and sober nights!
~*sim*~ said…
glad *i* got to see you... and glad i will get to see you soon!!

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