Aamchi Mumbai

And so I am back in hot, humid Bombay. Three weeks away and your realize how hot it gets here. The news from here? 'Fanaa" has garnered a historic opening at most centers, despite the Gujarat fuss, the rains have threatened to cause havoc once again, and the World Cup fever has hit big time.
Back to work - yay CMS - and the second Test between India and West Indies begins tomorrow.
Dying to watch the NBA finals - go Mavs - but dont know if ESPN is going to show all the games.
Redsox dropped their series against the Yankees. Whats that all about?
Watched "The Omen" and "Inside Man"...the first was good, couple of good moments, while the second caught me napping...though that was probably the jetlag.
Anyways, more later.


Sid said…
dude...red sox kicked yanks ass in the last game after another freakin rainout..schilling is the 1st 9 game winner! as for our house, ur waitress was hooking us up with free shots! :) BRUBAKERSSSSS!!!

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